About NASC

RNAS-C Registered Nurse First Assistant at Surgery - Certified Exam Eligibility

  • Associates Degree graduate of a CCI accepted college, RN First Assistant program that includes an adequate amount of hands-on surgical skills training in its curriculum outside of the OR setting approved by NASC. (To date - 2011, only the lab curriculum from the National Institute of First Assisting, NIFA has been accepted. Other programs who feel they offer strong lab components are invited to send their curriculums to NASC to be considered for acceptance. NASC encourages all perioperative nurses to obtain a bachelors and sit for the CRNFAŽ exam at www.cc-institute.org .)

  • Submit copy of current RN license. You must be licensed in the state you practice in.

  • Submit copy of current CNOR. (Requirement waved for Advanced Practice Nurses.)

  • Fill out, follow all instructions, and submit all required forms found at http://www.nascouncil.org/forms/

NASC reserves the right to change the Eligibility Policies listed above at any time. However, NASC always strives to give qualified candidates advance warning of any Policy or Eligibility changes. Changes will be published on the NASC 'News' and "Eligibility" website pages.

For complete application information download your application located in the 'Forms' section of the NASC website. www.nascouncil.org/forms

*Note for NASC brochure reference: Along with nationally 'accredited colleges' such as Community Colleges and Universities, NASC will accept graduates of approved programs from:

  • Post-secondary vocational/ technical schools and institutions approved by a state board of higher education
  • Educational programs within all branches of the armed services
  • Proprietary schools approved by a state board of higher education

All applicants must adhere to their state’s requirements when performing in the assistant at surgery role.